Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Finish in sight

Originally posted July 19, 2015

So the kitchen has been close to done for a while now.  We have two more things to do: paint the windowsill over the sink and replace the stove. The painting just keeps getting put off.

As for the stove, we were going to keep the one we have. But, we’ve been having trouble with it. It takes forever to boil water and gets really hot. It throws a lot of heat when the burners are on and the oven door gets ridiculously hot on the outside. Unfortunately, Munchkin managed to get her hands on the door before I snatched her up one day and she got burned. She for some reason made a mad dash to try to touch it and I picked her up just as her hand grazed the outside of the closed oven door.  It wasn’t bad, but would have been worse if she actually set her hand instead of just grazing. Then the broiler stopped lighting recently. Anyways, now we’re looking at gas or dual fuel ranges to replace it.  Something more efficient and safer for kids (no more erecting chair barriers when the stove is on).  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I’ve been meaning to post some photos, but kept waiting for that time when everything was super organized and clean and put together. Well, months have passed and I’ve come to realize that it will never look perfect. We’re busy parents of an even busier, and messier, toddler. So, without further delay, here’s what our kitchen looks like now.  Don’t mind the toddler crumbs everywhere!


Here’s a few things we love so far:

The big farmhouse sink and the touchless faucet.  The faucet took some getting used to.  I kept scaring myself turning the water on by accident.  But now that I’m used to it, I love it.  It did freak Glenn out one day when he was home and the faucet kept turning on and off.  Turned out a fly kept landing on the top sensor.


The marble tile backsplash. I’m so glad we waited for more of this type of marble to be cut.  The variation in greys is beautiful.


The outlet with USB ports.  That end of the counter is the dedicated charging zone.


Being able to hide the microwave away.


Undercabinet lighting.  And the glass pendants with Edison bulbs too.


Wavy glass breaks up the cabinets and shows off my antique Fiesta and Redwing dishes.  (Thanks family!)  The other side of the sink has glasses and stemware.


Soapstone counters.  They still need a few more coats of wax.  We’d like them a little darker.


And Munchkin’s favorite: the magnet/chalk board.  Her other favorite is her Learning Tower, which you can see part of in the lower right.  It’s usually at the island so she can climb up and have snacks there or just watch us cook.  She’s taken to eating there instead of her high chair actually.  I had moved it to vacuum under and wash it down as it gets pretty dirty.


Glenn had the idea to paint a piece of sheet metal with chalk board paint.  It’s hung by super strong magnets on the back of the panel.  If we ever want to take it off, we just have to pop the magnets off and the original white panel is underneath.

Well, that’s it for now.  Will post more when we finally complete the last two tasks.

Almost there!

Originally posted March 20, 2015

We picked some glass from a local place for the cabinets.  It has wavy lines and tiny bubbles.

The counters went in and they look amazing.  I really like how the soapstone is cool, but not cold, and almost feels soft.  It’s not as cold and hard as granite.  It needs many more coats of wax to build a good base, but we’re slowly getting there.

The kitchen faucet is amazing, but took some getting used to.  It has sensors to turn on automatically when your hands are under it or when you wave your hand over the top of it.  At first, I kept turning it on accidentally when putting things in the sink or wiping the counter down and got my sleeves wet.  But we do love it and pretty never use the manual handle anymore.

We had ordered a new microwave that fit in the opening.  A lift up door was then installed on the opening.  You’ll see that in the final reveal.

It took me a long time to pick backsplash tile.  I knew I wanted marble, but couldn’t decide on which marble or size.

I saw this mock up at the Tile Store outside DC and knew it was the right one.

But of course, then I still spent hours and hours comparing…

I did end up going with the one in the mock up bathroom.  That marble was out of stock, so we had to wait until March to get it.

It came in last week and our contractor has been installing it this week.

Reveal photos in the next post!!!

Merry Christmas!

Originally posted December 25, 2014

I’ve had a draft post sitting here since Thanksgiving…  With the holidays and Munchkin was sick for a while, I got a little distracted.  Then I just forgot and never came back.

The kitchen is just about done now.  The backsplash tile was grouted yesterday and will be sealed today.  We’ll post some photos in the next post.  But until then, here’s a recap of the post I had started in December:

We had a slight delay due to the Thanksgiving holiday. It gave us plenty of time to paint the ceiling and walls.

I picked a blue for the walls. It ended up being a lot brighter than I expected.

We brought the range hood, sink, faucet, and light fixtures from New Jersey while we were there for Thanksgiving. While in the showroom, I saw cabinet pulls I loved. Great find as they were less than half the price of the Restoration Hardware pulls we liked. They were also available in antique pewter, which a friend had recommended and we really loved.

While we were in Florida, the kitchen tile was repaired and the cabinets were installed. It was so hard not being there to watch them go in. When we got back, it was a whole new room.

At this point, we didn’t have glass for the two glass front cabinets. We wanted vintage looking wavy or bubble glass.

The template for the counters was done and we went in to help with the layout and make sure the placement of the veining was ok.

That’s enough catching up for one post.  More to follow soon to get us up to date.  Promise this time…we will post the rest soon!